5 Most Important Storm Shelter Safety Features

5 Most Important Storm Shelter Safety Features
Storm Shelters
Our slope front shelters are designed and constructed with your protection in mind. They are reinforced with fiber as well as steel rebar, and they are poured with a minimum of 6,000 psi concrete. At no extra charge every storm shelter comes equipped with a double handrail on the ladder-like steps, a gas operated door closer, 8" wind turbine for ventilation and a 6" vent.
Slope Front Shelters
Our slope front shelters are available in 3 sizes: Small, Large and Jumbo
Dimensions for Small Slope Front:
Interior: 5'x7'x6'2"
Dimensions for Large Slope Front:
Interior: 6'x8'x6'2"
Dimensions for Jumbo Slope Front:
Interior: 6'8"x10'x6'2"

Slope Front Shelters are a great choice for tornado safety. However, be sure you have the proper clearance to allow the truck dropping off the shelter to the area you are installing the shelter. See the illustration for more information.
Flat Top Shelters
Our flat top shelters are available in 2 sizes: Small and Jumbo
Dimensions for Small Flat Top:
Interior: 5'x7'x6'2"
Dimensions for Jumbo Flat Top:
Interior: 6'8"'x10'x6'2"

Flat Top Shelters are essentially the same as the slope front, but some people find them more attractive and less obtrusive, since they don't stick up as much after installation. Clearance needed by the trucks for these shelters is similar to the slope front unit.
Three-Piece Unit
Our three-piece unit offers the same safety and comfort of our slope front and flat top shelters, but because it is a smaller unit and is installed in three pieces instead, it can be installed with our mini-excavator, which can access smaller areas./

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